Normcore essence for Phones? / スマホでいうところの ”ノームコア” って。




ちょっと読んでみたところ、ケータイにおける “ノームコア” 現象もあり、
a flip phone、要は二つ折りのガラケーが最先端ノームコアではないか、ということでした。



I read an interesting article on NYtimesIn short, it’s about the latest trend for smartphones. 

First of all, the biggest fashion trend in 2014 is “normcore”. It is a coined word with "normal" and "hardcore" and characterized by unpretentious, average-looking clothing. As for smartphones, a flip phone is the most “normcore” one. Trying too hard, like having an iPhone 6 isn’t cool. The Queen of mode, Anna Wintour has that one. 

In the last part of the article, the history cigarettes is mentioned. Smoking was cool before but now it’s out of fashion. Having a super-multiuse smartphone might be uncool shortly. 

In my opinion, smartphone devices, including wearable ones, have reached their final stage. They’re too special for me and are only for geeks. iPhone6 and the other newest smartphones are too large to be abandoned to God of mode because mode always loves size 0.


巨大化している fat なスマホはランウェイからは追放なのかもね。



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